Sunday, April 29, 2018

OPEN STUDIOS May 11+12.... a little of this art .... a little of that art .... a whole lot of good energy.

tiny paintings
Deb Wheeler-Bean assemblage abstract
Anne Kenny Industrial Quilt detail
Becky Barsi sterling jewelry
Dale Atkins pottery
Natasha Stoppel watercolor
Exeter Bandstand prints

Gaby Grossman acrylic paintings

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Diptych "Ocean" by Rose Bryant

watery, wavy, flowing, movement. large works for above the sofa. each canvas is 24x36.

Gaby Grossman.... yes to color

Gaby thinks organically, then... she thinks organically. We have a feeling this one will be at the open studios.

The sun is out... and we're cleaning up for the spring open studios. READY for flowers!

The gardens are being "scrubbed". We can see the earth again! The pots are being emptied. Soon we will have lush color inside and out. Soon, too, we will be on the coral benches painting and making art. Stop in anytime. Our hours are posted on the website.... see you soon.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Artist Explores the World.... Natasha Stoppel knows no bounds

This is a sweet little piece by Natasha.... wood burning with watercolor. Nostalgic, romantic, vintage lovely, charming, and just down right cute. She will have a collection of these plus her new jewelry at the spring open studios!

Galaxy Girl.... Artful Harper Studios. One and the same?

Laura Harper brings a multitude of creative energy to the studio this May 11+12 for the spring open studios event..... maybe you have seen her at a festival? Come by and check her work out... she will be here in the studio on FRIDAY, MAY 11 for autographs :-) (Saturday she will be represented by a friend).

Anne Kenny Tea Squares....

We LOVE the unusual look of Anne Kenny's "Industrial Quilts".... the texture, the materials,.... the surprise. She has four of these "Tea Squares" on exhibit for the upcoming spring open studios. Where would you put yours? 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Another "found" abstract.... by Deb Wheeler-Bean

Stitched edge alcohol ink process on reclaimed art paper. Deb is the master of finding beauty in the simple ... and in the discarded. Many hands went into this piece... far too many to count. You will have to ask her about the story.... May 11&12. Beautifully abstract.... with no intended direction. Completely "found".

This is a beauty....

We just love this "obscured" image from Becky Barsi. Experimenting with tissue over photography. This piece and more will be on exhibit this May 11&12 for Art Up Front Street's Spring Open Studios.