Tuesday, May 16, 2017

art up front street.... what a party

Thank you for coming to our first open studios EVER at Art Up Front Street. It was our trial run and it can only get better. We had so many well wishes and great conversations... AND art was sold.... which keeps the wheels turning here. If you missed the show, there is a little time left to visit all the art (including the guest artists work). This Friday pm, the guest artists will be recovering their work... so if you had your eye on a piece at the show, come back this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday 10-4. A studio attendant will be here... and we have wrapping for safe carrying. Thank you again! See you soon.
Dawn Amey Design, jewelry and adornments (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)
Susan Drinker (L) and Kim Hankin (R) with Deb McLarnon Photographer (center, guest artist)

Sarah Koff Printmaker (guest artist) filmed by Miles of EXTV

Gaby Grossman Paintings (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)

Dawn Amey Design

Laura Maccarone, Gaby Grossman (resident artist), Scott Kuckler Photographer (guest artist), Holly Stavrou, Rose Bryant (resident artist)

Nicole Couillard.... greeter and great human of Art Up Front Street

Stopping in for a visit... Ellin and Alistair McHarg

Back gallery at Art Up Front Street

Front Gallery at Art Up Front Street

Maizie Argondizza, Mary Conlan, Laurie Drogue with guest photographer Deb McLarnon

Caroline Piper, Heather Warr, Lisa Burke McCoy with Wo Schiffman (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)

Oliver and Gaby Grossman in her studio with visiting Chris Donovan

Darienne and Anna McGuiness

Rose Bryant, Gabu Grossman, Scott Kuckler

Thank you to Val England for filling our pots with beautiful flowers for the event!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

art up front street.... today 10-4... Mother's Day art gifts

Yes, There's more today and we can't wait to see you. The rundown again of artist's work... we have: Anne Kenny, Gaby Grossman, Deb Wheeler-Bean, Wo Schiffman, Dawn Amey, Scot Kuckler, Deb McLarnon, Jeff Whittum, Sarah Koff, Dale Atkins. We have sweet little "Optimisms" by Lenny Willis to benefit Womenade. We have treats and a DIY wrapping table. AND best of all you can find a Mother's Day art gift for someone dear.... or for yourself :-). Paintings, prints, cards, photography, earrings, outdoor metal sculpture... beauty that ranges from the thought provoking and meditative to the high energy of color. All hand-made and all local.  See you soon at 120 Front Street, Exeter, from 10 to 4 today. Don't think twice.... just be in it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

art up front street..... THE decorating committee - Nicole Couillard

Every little step forward is monumental when organizing something "new". When you can finally get to the finishing touches, the feelings of accomplishment are wonderful. Dawn Amey figured a glitch with technology... and now she is on the home stretch with her designs for this weekend. Wo Schiffman has culled and handpicked her favorite pieces to show. Gaby Grossman has the "home team" in good hands.... so she is in the studio with her "heart" and her "smile" doing last set-up details. Of course, there's more. And .... then when you see the outside ... street side ... flowing with flowers and ribbons, it feels like the dreams are near. Thank you, Nicole... THE decorating committee. :-)
See you all soon. Friday 1-7. Saturday 10-4. Happy Mother's Day....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

art up front street.... Dawn Amey keeps us in suspense :-)

leather, wood, glass.... what will it be?

art up front street.... Scott Kuckler guest photographer

a quiet moment with a beautiful wall... makes us want to head for the shore

Monday, May 8, 2017

art up front street.... our good friend, BRUCE JONES

is having his open studio this weekend, too.... just a little west of us. Don't miss it! We love Bruce's "stuff".

Saturday, May 6, 2017

art up front street.... Sarah Koff Studio comes to town...

... and we are so happy. Sarah Koff creates hand-carved. hand printed block prints in her small studio in Exeter, NH. How lucky for us that she is a guest artist this Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13, at Art Up Front Street. Sweet little things hung on a line to dry.... a perfect Mother's Day gift. Visit her website to learn more about her.... then come and meet her in person. Bring some questions.... especially ones about that HUGE project she is working on soon to be exhibited at 3S Artspace.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

art up front street.... Deb Wheeler-Bean abstract and assemblage

Deb's eye for finding design and beauty is evident in everything she touches. Whether it's abstract, pen and ink, a simple pencil sketch, or found objects that will eventually become her next work of art. Sometimes she finds "it"... and sometimes "it" finds her. Whatever way it happens, we are always pulled in.

art up front street.... Dale Atkins' soft sculptural vessels .....

Dale has had a lifetime of making art... she can make anything. Her attention to detail and sincerity of purpose shows in her work. These hand built coil pieces show her connection with nature, her love of avian shapes, and her intense process-oriented style. Both of these earthy shapes are formed by working the clay into coils, then building and pressing, sculpting along the way, firing, then adding a thin layer of glaze to allow the texture to be evident, and then a final firing. Dale's art will be at At Up Front Street Open Studios Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13.