Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Deb Wheeler-Bean... poetry

Deb... beautiful assemblage. We love these little abstracts. Each one wants to be in your hands. Deb's love of making things is right up there with her love of poetry. To her each one of these morsels is a line of poetry.... and she has about 60 lines.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Scott Kuckler, guest photographer, "Flesh and Bones"

Local artist. Visual explorer. Whatever we might say about Scott's work would not do it justice. Evolving, mysterious, secretive. Do we like it because of the subject matter? Do we like it for the texture, the process? Can't quite put a finger on the reasons, but we know we like it.
Open Studios this Saturday and Sunday 10-4 at ART UP FRONT STREET studios and gallery. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Rose Bryant Original Paintings....

Exploring blues this year for the open studio.... See Rose's work Saturday and Sunday along with the work of the entire collective plus guest artists. 10 makers at one place..... sure to be a colorful weekend :-).

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anne Kenny has a thing for geometric shapes....

We love watching people come in the gallery ...and try to figure out what is going on with Anne's art. On first glance, one sees grid shapes, squares, rectangles, then with the next step closer.... wires, mesh, metal thread, and then.... "are these computer chips... circuitry?". Yes. "I've never seen them used in art." But Anne has ... and for years. She has sold her work at McGowan Fine Art in Concord, sold her work in NY and to large companies with lobbies and large modern spaces. See Anne's studio and her "Industrial Quilts" November 4 and 5, you will have a hard time leaving....

Gaby Grossman.... in the studio "cramming for exams"

Another wow. Colorcolorcolor from Gaby Grossman. We love her abstract explorations... so free, so exciting. She fits right in with her contemporary "brush". This sweet little painting above is brand new ....-acrylic on canvas board, 9x12, and will be here for the show. Gaby also loves the large canvas and has one on the easel in her studio now.... soon to be revealed :-) November 4 and 5. For more info on dates and times click Art Up Front Street Open Studios.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Good morning front street

The neighborhood. We love it. The tracks, the mish mash of architecture, the bend in the road, the yellow crossing sign. Businesses that have been here for years, the dirt, the bins scattered on a Tuesday, the blips, people and people with dogs walking, the trees. We can walk to the feed store and get plants for the garden. We can go to Dot's for flowers (she has dots all over the front window and on the delivery van). Manny at Supreme knows us well. We see our neighbors. We can walk across the tracks... it is wild that you can casually walk over a path that has just had hundreds of tons of metal rolling down it. The red striped train safety arms... there is even one for pedestrians. The old school black and white "railroad crossing" sign. If you zoom in you can see the town of Exeter truck loaded with 3 guys in the front off to do something good for the town. Good morning front street.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

sometimes at night....

... when we get so deep into our work, we take a break & go outside to the front steps to look back in...
happy for the magic in front of us. Good night, Front Street.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Deb Wheeler-Bean.... hands at work

These beauties are intoxicating. First you see the repetition of "pieces". Then as your eye lands, you look at each one individually and can't stop staring. Processing. Each one different from the next. Deb finds the "treasure" in raw materials... and recycled items... then gives them another beautiful breath. The muted color on natural wood with color accents entices the touch. We can't wait to see these at the open studios this November 4&5.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Welcome to our guest artists for OPEN STUDIOS Nov 4 and 5

What would you do with out the creatives in your life? Really. What would you do. At ART UP FRONT STREET we LOVE our creative peers. And this November 4&5, we welcome our fabulous guests... all local.
Sarah Koff Printmaking. You may have seen her at the Portsmouth Farmers' Market or even at 3S Artspace with her HUGE wood block print. Her design eye with her ability to work in reverse is amazing. Plus, she has really strong hands. :-). her website HERE

Dale Atkins Ceramic Vessels. Dale featured her work at our last show in May. Four pieces of incredible work. This time she has a few more pieces of incredible work. All hand built, coil formed, time intensive, beautifully designed vessels. Dale's attention to detail can not be overstated.... her past includes fine art restoration (yikes, the pressure)
Scott Kuckler Photography. Can't quite describe the essence here in words. Mysterious, seductive, somewhat dark, unknown origins? Whatever Scott touches becomes beauty. See his series "flesh and bones" on exhibit at our open studios. We understand he will bring a special camera to describe how he does what he does. Be sure to ask him what "food substance" he uses in creating his photographs. his website HERE 
Elly Labranche Paintings. First time exhibiting with us...So thrilled to be sharing space with her AND her adventurous color. Elly's work is bold and luscious. When you see her paintings, you feel like you are "looking in" or "examining". You will love talking with her.... she gets a workout everyday teaching art to her students. her facebook art is HERE
Jeff Whittum Metal. Jeff is BACK. yay! Old metal found makes new art. Jeff's process is so organic.... he finds the metal (LOVES the hunt) and waits for it to speak to him. At our last show he sold a beautiful heron sculpture made from recycled tools and metal rod that actually moved with the wind. Some of his pieces can be placed in water features... hmmmm....yes... we can hear you thinking.

See you soon....ART UP FRONT STREET studios & gallery OPEN STUDIOS Saturday and Sunday NOV 4 & 5, 10-4 each day.