Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Rose Bryant abstract exhibit, February 8, 9am-12, Exeter, NH

An exhibit filled with large paintings and large color is perfect for a winter morning in February... PLUS, you can get amped up on coffee and breakfast bites. Bring your bestie and enjoy the energy. 

What better way to start a Saturday?!
Rose Bryant has evolved over time into a more abstract style of mark-making.
She loves the movement of the brush taking her to places unplanned. 
Her work for this exhibit focuses on: heavy bold marks, large formats (ranging from 24x24 to 40x80). Her process involves: a quickly done suggestion of composition, random elements of color, and  "swimming" around with a brush fully saturated. Other techniques and decisions are involved, but her first mark-making typically takes this direction. Then... her painting might "rest" until the next thought forms. In this exhibit she explores the freedom of organic thoughts... one beautiful brush at a time.
Join us at Art Up Front Street for our first ever breakfast exhibit Saturday, Feb 8, from 9 to noon. We can't wait!
Exhibit runs through February. Hours Tuesday & Wednesday 10-7. Thursday through Saturday 10-4.

Dawn Amey Designs exhibit Friday, April 10, 6 to 8

Dawn Amey is a designer, maker, and intricate thinker.
Her assemblages are finely detailed and multi-layered. Some are ornamental, some are mechanical, some are sculptural...  all are captivating.

We are so excited to be announcing her Friday, April 10 evening opening! 
Her work has been commissioned by individuals and businesses. Her adornments have sold at Art Up Front Street and at Ganesh in downtown Exeter, NH.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Welcome Danielle Gaynor.... to Art Up Front Street in uptown Exeter, NH

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Danielle Gaynor... a beads, fiber and textile artist... to the art community at Art Up Front Street. So many things to learn and say about Danielle, but first we will just encourage you to save your visit in 2020 until January 7th. That is the day we re-open for the new year (no pressure, Danielle 😊!).

Danielle grew up in Exeter and frequented the "120 Convenience Store" while going back and forth to school. The 120 Convenience Store is the same building where Art Up Front Street now lives. It gives us a warm feeling to think of those connections she had then to what would eventually become an art space for her years later. As a student she would buy treats from the "store" and then "hang out" on the front steps (those kids!). Wow... history, community, returning to new history.

Enjoy these photos of her work and be sure to follow her Needle Little Studio on Instagram. This is where you'll find her treasure trove of thoughts and passions for creating.

Welcome, Danielle!! Looking forward to the days ahead.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Figure Drawing in Exeter, NH. Find your inner Manet or Matisse.

Join us.Tuesday nite, January 28. 6PM-8:30.
Bring your materials and your surface. We have tables and chairs.

The model for this evening is female.
Short poses progressing to longer poses.
Artists bring any medium preferred... pencil, charcoal, water color, acrylic, digital....

Parking is on the street and in the very back left side parking lot.
Entry to the building is in the back on the left side of the building.
please enter the front gallery door).

Respond by email. artupfrontstreet@gmail.com
Space is limited to 10 people.
We have tea and other bevs...
See you soon...

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Holidays to Exeter, NH and Beyond. Thank you

Dear friends and loyal followers, 
we would love to take this moment to wish you a happy holiday season and a very wonderful New Year. 
Your well wishes to us, your patronage, and your constant appreciation for what we do has been more than we could have imagined. 
January 2020 marks the third anniversary of the first artist moving in to one of nine studios here at our collective.
Thank you for being a part of our world.
May all the best energy follow you.