Sunday, July 21, 2019

A few pictures of a great time at Harper Lake's Opening

What a lovely party. Thank you for coming out to the studio for Laura'a show! Our world is enriched by each one of you.  (FYI, the artist in the middle of this top pic is Laura :-)
If you have gotten this far and are still looking for more visual goodness, stop by the studios. 
"Adrift the Surface" 
is on exhibit through the end of August.

Two of five red dots on Laura's work from the opening. Congratulations, Laura!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

FIGURE DRAWING at Art Up Front Street August 13

Join us.Tuesday nite, August 13. 6-8:30.

Bring your materials and your surface. We have tables and chairs.
The model this evening is female.
Short poses progressing to longer poses.
Artists bring any medium preferred... pencil, charcoal, water color, and acrylic.... so whatever you enjoy, please, bring!

Parking is on the street AND in the very back left side parking lot.
Entry is in the back on the left side of the building. (If arriving after 6pm, please enter the front gallery door).
Respond by email to sign up.

Space is limited to 10 people.
We have tea and other bevs... plus a few apps.
See you soon...

WORKSHOP: Make an arty apron with Corrine Gilman, September 17

 Full fun ahead Tuesday, September 17th, 5:30 to 8 pm, with Corrine Gilman at Art Up Front
Paint, stamp, stencil and draw with markers to make a whimsical arty apron.
No rules... except to have fun.
Experiment and be playful! Beginners welcome.

~ Learn simple techniques for stamping and mono-printing using things from around the house.
~ Make your own foam stamps to use and take home.

What to bring:
Wear old clothes and bring rubber gloves to protect your hands from
paints and ink.

Sign up:
Please, sign up by email to
Limited to 8 students.

About the instructor:
Corrine Gilman is a mixed media textile artist with a studio at Art Up Front Street.
She uses recycled materials in her work whenever possible and
incorporates fabric dyeing, printing, painting, and abstract stitching.

"Stitching by hand is a meditative activity for me and I feel that if
I put good into my work, then I put good into the world."
Her work is her joy and it feeds her soul. "I approach every day as a creative eye
opener and try to notice the world around me.... then let it inform my
work and bring the intuitive to the stitch."
Corrine's work takes many forms. Her art story dolls, above, are often created from her dreams which then
lead to their personalities being expressed through "the stitch".
Whimsy, color and humor are big parts of her creations. 

Don't miss this first-time workshop with Corrine... especially if whimsy is your thing!

August 2: Celebrating creativity with Deb Wheeler-Bean

Opening Reception at Art Up Front Street in Exeter is Friday, August 2, from 5pm to 8pm

Deb Wheeler-Bean is a mixed media artist, a teacher, an innovator, an alchemist …creating and living in Exeter, NH. “I look closely at the world – always searching for the beauty within it. But that isn’t a reach for me because I truly see beauty everywhere, in everything. Just as the alchemist strives to change base metal (lead) to precious metal (gold), I strive to use my art to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

Deb finds the “treasure” in raw materials and recycled items, then gives them another beautiful breath. Deb’s eye for finding design and beauty is evident in everything she touches. Whether it’s abstract, pen and ink, a simple pencil sketch, or found objects that will eventually become her next work of art. Sometimes she finds “it”… and sometimes “it” finds her. Whatever way it happens, we are always pulled in.

She is also a writer, poet, and lover of words.

“I want to make art that means something,” she said. “I want to use language, to weave worlds into people’s lives that are going to sustain them and help them through the day.”

See Deb’s collections of natural and found materials re-purposed into soulful art. Opening date is August 2.

Beverages and bites, free parking, plus all artists’ studios at Art Up Front Street will be open.

Her exhibit runs through August 30.
Art Up Front Street is open Tue-Wed 10 – 7, plus Thu-Sat 10-4.

Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery
120 Front Street Exeter NH, 03833
603 418 6286

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"Adrift the Surface" by Laura Harper Lake starts Friday

Laura Harper Lake's studio has been a treat for all of us to enter over the last few weeks. 

Delicate images of water, the female form, and the color blue (with luscious hints of sea green!). 
Her entire studio evokes thoughts of dreams, floating, traveling, .... of transcending time. 
One can not help but to feel lighter when being in her "space"..

Join us all this Friday for the reception between 4 and 8. 
A perfect summer treat.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Art Up Front Street artists Corrine Gilman and Natasha Stoppel

Summer series fun and whimsy... we just love these. No doubting the energy both of these artists have! Enjoy this little share of color and boldness .....
"Riding Dreams Away" by Natasha Stoppel

Fabric story doll by Corrine Gilman

Friday, July 5, 2019

So much fabulous this summer...

Laura Harper Lake of Artful Harper Studios has combined her talents with friend and co-worker Sarah Wrightsman. 
They, in their brand new podcast called "Creative Guts"explore the roots of creativity, dive into the hearts of creators, and discover how creativity connects with the world around us. 

We are so excited for them.... be sure and click on the links to find the beginnings of their creative adventure. The second episode is an interview with artist Rose Bryant of Art Up Front Street. Thank you to Laura and Sarah for bringing your energy to podcasting! Looking forward to the conversations ahead. 

Find Creative Guts on facebook

Find Creative Guts podcast here: