Tuesday, September 18, 2018


NINE local artist's studios or galleries plus a sugarhouse will be, for the 5th year, OPEN and on tour to the public as a part of the larger statewide event
organized by the League of NH Craftsmen. 
For two days you can tour & talk with artists & artisans in their creative spaces.... some of which are not open to the public on a regular basis. See works in progress, watch a demo, or learn how maple syrup is made. 
Save the dates and bring your friends. 
November 3 and 4.

FINE ART and SUGAR TOUR participants:
Tour Stops:
1. Willow Road Watercolors …….…137 Willow Rd. East Kingston
2. Willow Creek Sugarhouse ..……...137 Willow Rd, East Kingston
3. Pickpocket Arts ………………...166 Pickpocket Rd. Brentwood
4. Bruce Jones Fine Art ……………….…...28 Dogtown Rd. Exeter
5. Art Up Front  StreetStudios & Gallery ……...120 Front St. Exeter
6. The Seacoast Artist Association …………130 Water St. Exeter
7. Town ExeterArts Music  ..111(rear) Water St. PLUS TOWN HALL
8. Lori Martone Pottery Gallery ……………..8 String Bridge Exeter
9. Waterstone Art Studio …….55 Stratham Heights Rd. Stratham

DAWN AMEY: Featured Artist Online

Innovative enthusiasm for everything "design" is one thing that comes to mind when we think of Dawn. 
She finds a purpose for even the smallest of design thoughts. When she creates, even the leftovers have a place in her heart.... they may eventually become part of a sculptural shadow box exhibit, a perfectly arranged stack of symmetry, even an ornament for a hat or a brooch. Every thought has "a place" to fit for overall visual balance. 
Currently, she is working on a signage project for Lincoln Street School. She also has something going on with cut leather designs...?... still a secret, but whatever it is will be something we have not ever thought about doing!
See more of Dawn's work and her attention to design detail at our OPEN STUDIOS this November. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Galaxy Girl by Laura Harper

Encaustic on wood by Wo Schiffman
Orange abstract by Rose Bryant
 For more of this color and coming events, 

Art New England.... Art Up Front Street

Wow! Thank you B.Armore, Lori Pedrick, and Art New England for the article. We are part of a piece on artist-run galleries. We must say... we could not be happier with the choice we have made to work as a collective of artists showing and promoting our own work. The community of peers here keeps us all pointed in the right directions.... plus creative conversations are never far away.

The featured photo (on the left side of the spread) belongs to none other than our own Anne Kenny  "Industrial Quilts". Anne has been a member of Art Up Front Street now for one and a half years. We are so lucky she found us. We love her work and obviously Art New England does, too!

If you have never seen "Art New England", get a subscription.... it is a lovely, well written and beautifully photographed art publication. At the very least pick up a copy on the news stand of the September October issue. :-)

Follow Art Up Front Street on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artupfrontstreet/ and like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ArtUpFrontStreet/

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

DEB WHEELER-BEAN: Featured Artist Online

Today's featured artist is Deb Wheeler-Bean... artist, educator. Explorer of all things beautiful. Deb's studio is a treat for the senses... her collections, her memories, her objects of visual wonder. She is teaching a class this fall for adults .... "I suck at art". Yes, that IS the name of the class... AND she is using her 3rd through 5th grade art curriculum as the guide. Get your hands in something colorful, explore a process for which there is no one way, make a splatter... it's ok. Check it out and enjoy a judgement-free zone for a lot of art fun. Sign-ups are through Deb's email. (See below)
 deb's insta