Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Taking a little break from the heat...

Thank you to all who have returned after NH opened back up! We have had great reconnections with protocols safely in place. We are taking a little break from the heat this week and will close for 4 days. Apologies for the inconvenience but we look forward to seeing you when we return. Happy summering!

Friday, July 3, 2020

A glimpse around the studio...Art Up Front Street

Thank you for being in our supportive flow here at the studio. What a time we are in right now in this world.

Do you have a place to turn for respite? Is it outside? Is it your vegetable garden? Is it a zoom call with relatives in another state? So much to process with extra challenges for many.
Our thoughts are with you all.

Take a little escape and drop by the studio, Tuesday-Saturday 11-5. (Closed holidays). Wear your mask, have a seat, or take a walk through. We welcome anyone who needs a diversion, a moment, an infusion of happy. We have had visitors sharing their enthusiasm that we are open again...and we appreciate the visits and supportive words!

We just sold a very large artwork by Rose Bryant to a couple who had recently finished a new home build. So many people in this area are living "more fully" at home, remodeling, clearing and re-inventing how they relate to their homes. Contractors are in short supply, interior designers have multiple projects, surveyors are finding a surge. The pandemic has definitely prompted the "review" of home space.

We hope to see you very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few thoughts and creations here.

natasha stoppel wood, watercolor, pyrography

anne kenny industrial quilts detail

artful harper studios mural

deb wheeler bean, handmade journals

side entrance

rose bryant, kayaking triptych

ree katrak, mixed media

laura harper lake, watercolor and ink

deb wheeler bean assemblage

dawn amey designs, thoughts

friends in the back painting garden