Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Spheres and Lines" exhibit by Rose Bryant THRU March 16

SPHERES and LINES" Abstract Exhibit
by Rose Bryant
Opening Reception: Friday, February 22, 4pm to 9pm.
Runs thru March 16

"Spheres & Lines" exhibit by Rose Bryant explores abstract shapes and bold color.

Bryant's vivid color has always alluded to harmony and energy.
In this series she explores her color in themes of circles, orbs, spheres, lines and soft straight edges.

Featured in this exhibit are larger formats, such as 24x24" to 40x40", plus combinations of other sizes.
Much of Rose's abstract work in this series is reminiscent of landscape, space, and sky ... remaining largely untitled to allow the viewer's interpretation to form freely.

All artist studios will be open. Browse the building...
Apps and bevs 4-7, desserts 7-9.


Art Up Front Street, 120 Front Street, Exeter, NH is 
in Uptown Exeter near the tracks. 
The storefront street-side gallery is easily accessible. 
Free parking is available on the street. 

Contact the gallery by phone 603-418-6286 or email
see you soon

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Art Up Front Street welcomes new artist Corrine Gilman!

More color and whimsy...abstract human forms, clouds, hearts. 
Hand-dyed, hand-stitched, hand-painted "stitched expressions" by Corrine Gilman make us smile. 
We are so happy she has joined us at the studio and look forward to being surrounded by her energy.

from Corrine:
My work revolves around the communication of abstract and offbeat impressions. Raw hand stitch on vintage and found textiles imparts a textural image of place.  Mixed media collage and painting maps out the landscape. By listening to the whispers in nature and the forces of the unseen and mystery, I try and translate these communications through my work.
I follow my intuitive sense as to where the work will go, letting it guide me rather than my guiding it. I follow my muse recognizing that there are no mistakes only happy accidents in the blossoming of the creative spirit and I want to share this enthusiastically with you."
Be sure and take a look at Corrine's website.... fun stuff! 
Welcome, Corrine....

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Arty stuff... an image from each of the artists at Art Up Front Street

Every now and then we need a "family photo"... so this seems like a great time. A little review of some of the work created by the artists here. Thanks for looking. Happy arting ....
 Anne Kenny studio 2
Corrine Gilman studio 7
 Dawn Amey studio 5
 Deb Wheeler-Bean studio 4
 Gaby Grossman studio 1
 Laura Harper-Lake studio 3
 Natasha Stoppel studio 7
 Ree Katrak studio 6
Rose Bryant back studio

Art Up Front Street welcomes new artist Ree Katrak!

Ree Katrak has a rich history of art-making and art involvements. We are thrilled she is joining us at Art Up Front Street. Her work is adventurous, fresh, and abstract. Her enthusiasm is genuine. We love her good energy ... and her art .... and look forward to working with her. Welcome, Ree!

From Ree:


My work is an affirmation—or expression—of my own curiosity and delight in looking and seeing.
Looking at a landscape, an arrangement of objects and, not only interpreting what is seen, but also experiencing the moment of seeing: "Oh, that’s there—ah, ha!"
Not what it means, but simply the experience of it.
For me, art is about being awake, remembering you are alive. It is a celebration of all of one’s experiences—the dark times and the bright times; when we feel suffering, and when we feel liberation.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Art Up Front Street welcomes Womenade Friday, March 22, 5 to 8p for TGIF

Friday, March 22, 5 to 8p

So fun to share time with an organization that does such wonderful things for community. 
Join us all at Art Up Front Street for TGIF...a little happy hour with light bevs and apps, a free painting demonstration by Rose Bryant, plus hear a little more about what Womenade does for so many in need. 

Part of the goal of this "social" is to bring people together to help Womenade maintain awareness.... just in case we ... or you ... may know someone or a family who needs a little help. 

Of course, we will have art, our usual TGIF happy "hour" with our TGIF organizer (Anne Kenny), 
a FREE painting demonstration, 
and possibly a few more surprises.... maybe a drawing for the finished painting? 

Stop by, we would love for you to meet a few members from Womenade 
PLUS we would just love to see you :-). We are very low-key here... bring a friend.

Art Up Front Street business session for artists. MICHELLE BAKER, Tuesday, March 19

Hello artists! This evening is for you.
Michelle Baker, Cross-Discipline Creative is talking details of her journey ...
Ask her questions, discover her motivations, learn how she has grown her art business.
This is sure to be a wonderful and inspirational evening.

Sign-ups by email are required... there is limited space.
Cost: $20
Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 6:30-8:30.

To see some of Michelle's work, take a look at Rockin' Chalk  PLUS take a little peek inside her studio process HERE

Michelle Baker: 

Cross-Discipline Creative

Michelle Baker is a cross-discipline creative. Combining skills in fine art, graphic design, multimedia production and marketing, Michelle is a prolific designer, illustrator and Brand Strategist. A consultant to commercial clientele and a mentor to independent makers, artists and designers, Michelle’s passion for purposeful alignment between art, and commerce drives her ability to help others present themselves with intent and impact.

Illustrator & Designer

Michelle is the founder of an online shop and studio called “Rockin’ Chalk.” In under 3 years, her experimental Etsy shop featuring food and beverage illustration became a 6-figure business. As people discovered her design work through social media, Michelle found herself working on projects for regional and national brands like NH Wedding Magazine, 603 Brewery, Torani Syrups, Jersey Mike’s, Cavender’s and Yerbae Sparkling Water.

Presenter, Mentor & Founder of MAD HAT Creatives

From speaking events and workshops to podcasting and online courses, Michelle uses many methods to deliver educational, inspiring and action-oriented content that is pertinent to the personal and professional development of visual design professionals.
Centered on topics relating to the business aspects of creativity, Michelle offers advice and insights on topics like monetizing creative skills, selling and licensing art, balancing creative passion and burnout, philanthropic alignment,  personal branding, self promotion, and best practices to help artists thrive in the modern maker market. Her Podcast  “HAT CHATS” debuts on Amazon, iTunes and Anchor on March 1st.
For updates on local events and community connection, join the MAD HAT Creatives Merrimack Valley & Seacoast Group on Facebook and follow @MADHATcreatives on Instagram.


ARTISTS!  We look forward to seeing you.  Sign-ups are required by email.