Sunday, August 30, 2020

Of the Wood. An outdoor exhibit by Natasha Stoppel and Deb Wheeler-Bean.

Outdoor art exhibit in exeter, NH

Art Up Front Street comes to the neighborhood in a collaborative exhibit featuring artists Deb Wheeler-Bean and Natasha Stoppel. Together they explore the beauty OF THE WOOD. 
For two days, Friday evening and Saturday, a stunning collection of art made from natural materials awaits. 
This is a first-ever exhibit from two resident artists at Art Up Front Street who are "taking it outside and to the neighborhood". 
This "satellite location" on Walnut Street in Exeter, NH 
is the perfect setting to spread out, enjoy the outdoors, and safely distance while absorbing the creative energies of the two artists working with some of the most naturally beautiful materials.  

From Deb Wheeler-Bean:
I am of the wood: searching out the story in its grain & the treasures on its pathways. Wood is both my material and my inspiration. Walking the woods fills my pockets with its artifacts. Examining the wood shows me its history, its beginnings & endings.
Connections from outreaching branches to grounded trunk serve as a tangible reminder of our transitory state and are used to connect dream worlds to waking worlds. Collections of tree joints are presented on old fence boards that once encircled this house - a house made of wood, surrounded by wood. Photographs document the gifts the woods present to me each day. This exhibit is displayed outdoors on a fence made of cedar wood.

For Natasha Stoppel exploring Of The Wood is a deep dive into the materials and subject matter both from the woods and within it.
Natasha has been working with wood for 4 years, her work combines the explosive elements of gunpowder, drawing with fire, and a dash of watercolor to create elements of creature and plant life both real and imagined. Natasha loves to design and play with layering hand cut and machine cut wood intricately woven together into illustrative stories.
This exhibit will feature her full scale work as well as her handmade jewelry, hand-carved wands, ornaments, and smaller decorative creatures.

This is a social distancing friendly event. It is hosted outside in the Walnut Street neighborhood of Exeter, NH in Wheeler-Bean's large wrap around backyard with one-way entrance and one-way exit. Visitors are asked to maintain social distancing or wear masks. Please, park respectfully as this is a neighborhood of families. Light refreshments will be provided.
We fondly look forward to your presence at "Of the Wood".
14 Walnut Street, Exeter NH 03833
Friday September 18th, 4 - 7pm
Saturday September 19th, 11 - 4pm

Anne Kenny and Ree Katrak sneak peek....

 This October, we feature two artists here at Art Up Front Street for a special exhibit of their newest works. More info to come!

Anne Kenny "Industrial Quilt" framed

Ree Katrak mixed media

Best wishes to all ...

We can tell things are changing in town. We had wonderful cooler weather today - so many people doing things outside. We would like to take this moment to welcome friends back. We hope you have had a lovely summer ....and to those heading to school, good luck. So many changes this year and we wish all of you health and safety as you start new adventures and make new friends.
Art by Deb Wheeler-Bean

Painting in the Garden. Wednesdays in September!

 One of our favorite things to do...and now the weather is a little cooler. Sign-ups by email are necessary.

5 Wednesdays in September. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.
Reservations needed. 10 people maximum.
Sign up for one or all by email to
We will be in the back garden with safely distanced tables, chairs, umbrellas and a canopy.
Open to all media... so bring whatever you want to work on!
Some people sketch, some paint, some write.
No instruction, just a simple time to gather and create.
~ Free parking is on the left rear side of the studio in the back lot.
~ Bathrooms, water, tea.
~ $10 each day.
~ pick one or all days.
~ please, bring your mask for entering the studio.
Sign-ups by email to
are required. See you soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Taking a little break from the heat...

Thank you to all who have returned after NH opened back up! We have had great reconnections with protocols safely in place. We are taking a little break from the heat this week and will close for 4 days. Apologies for the inconvenience but we look forward to seeing you when we return. Happy summering!

Friday, July 3, 2020

A glimpse around the studio...Art Up Front Street

Thank you for being in our supportive flow here at the studio. What a time we are in right now in this world.

Do you have a place to turn for respite? Is it outside? Is it your vegetable garden? Is it a zoom call with relatives in another state? So much to process with extra challenges for many.
Our thoughts are with you all.

Take a little escape and drop by the studio, Tuesday-Saturday 11-5. (Closed holidays). Wear your mask, have a seat, or take a walk through. We welcome anyone who needs a diversion, a moment, an infusion of happy. We have had visitors sharing their enthusiasm that we are open again...and we appreciate the visits and supportive words!

We just sold a very large artwork by Rose Bryant to a couple who had recently finished a new home build. So many people in this area are living "more fully" at home, remodeling, clearing and re-inventing how they relate to their homes. Contractors are in short supply, interior designers have multiple projects, surveyors are finding a surge. The pandemic has definitely prompted the "review" of home space.

We hope to see you very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few thoughts and creations here.

natasha stoppel wood, watercolor, pyrography

anne kenny industrial quilts detail

artful harper studios mural

deb wheeler bean, handmade journals

side entrance

rose bryant, kayaking triptych

ree katrak, mixed media

laura harper lake, watercolor and ink

deb wheeler bean assemblage

dawn amey designs, thoughts

friends in the back painting garden

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Call to Art by our Friends at Creative Guts Podcast

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Creative Guts for this special call to art for young creatives. Celebrating new visions and energy.

Creative Guts is a podcast focused on the pursuit of creativity. This interview-style podcast, founded by Laura Harper Lake and Sarah Wrightsman, will explore the roots of creativity, dive into the hearts of creators, and discover how creativity connects with the world around us.

Thank you, Creative Guts!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Painting in the Garden. Weds 10-1

This is one of our favorite easy, open-ended, no-stress things to do. Sign-up by email.
10AM to 1PM
6 days. Pick one day or all! 
June 24, July 1, 8, 22, 29, August 5.
$10 each day

Bring your materials.... it can be ANYTHING you want to do... drawing, writing, collage, painting, stitching...
We have chairs, tables, room for your easel, umbrellas, and a canopy. Parking is on the left rear side of the studio in the back lot. Bathrooms, water, accessible... plus nice people. 
Open to all abilities and mediums.

1. RSVP by email to Space is limited to 9 people.
2. Bring your mask for entering the garden space and for potential entry into the building. Spacing will be at least 6 ft. apart.
3. Bring $10 that day.
4. Bring your bevs, snacks or lunch.

SIGN-UPS NECESSARY. No drop-ins. Thanks.

Sign up by email to

Monday, June 8, 2020

Painting Demo in the Back Garden June 16, 6:30

We are so happy to be getting back to some sort of "art flow".
Join us Tuesday, June 16, 6:30-8:30 for a large abstract painting demo. (Large...because we will be socially distancing and because you will need to see!). The artist for this demo is Rose Bryant.

1. RSVP by email to Seating is limited to 9 people.
2. Bring your mask for entering the garden space and for potential entry into the building. Once you have a seat, you can relax a little. Spacing will be at least 6 ft. apart.
3. Bring $20 (demo admission).
4. Complimentary bevs in cans, prepackaged "snacks", and alcohol swabs available.

Can't wait to see you for a beautiful summer evening.

Laura Harper Lake Exhibit Opens Outside in the Garden!

On Saturday, July 18, 3p to 6p
Laura Harper Lake (of Artful Harper Studios) presents her series

"The Woodlands Above"

in the back garden gallery space at Art Up Front Street.

The rain-date is July 25, 2020.

We're thrilled to also have live music performed by Bug
( at the the reception.

The Woodlands Above exhibit features small-scale oil painting on wood remnants by Laura Harper Lake. Inspired by the conditions of our rapidly changing planet, and specifically the large-scale wildfires that ravage our forests all over the world, Harper Lake reflects on the calming and placid nature of trees which are critical to human life on earth and often taken for granted. The positive space of the tree and the negative space around the human forms are both unpainted, letting the grain represent the wood itself and the connection of life between the two subjects.

Please note: We are requesting attendees to please bring a mask to wear should it not be possible to be physically distant in the outside gallery space or to use the inside facilities.

View more of Laura's work at

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Thank you to Corrine Gilman and Danielle Gaynor

We are sad to say goodbye to two of our artists here at the studio, but are so glad we got the chance to be around their energy and their art. We have all had to make so many adjustments and decisions about moving forward. Both Corrine and Danielle have made moves to set up all studio operations from their homes. We will miss these friends and their color! Hopefully when this covid time has cycled out, we will see more of them.
In the meantime, follow their instagram pages to keep up with their new work. We miss you Corrine and Danielle!

Corrine Gilman Artist and Maker (Instagram)

Danielle Gaynor Needle Little Studio (Instagram)

Friday, April 24, 2020

Tiny Painting Fundraiser, April 13-27, Final Day 10, Friday

UPDATE for April 24, Friday. All have sold for today. This is our last day and we thank you for all the support you have given Saint Vincent de Paul and their programs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here at Art Up Front Street. Hopefully we will all see each other (in person) soon! Thank you, again.

For each $26 purchase, $20 goes directly to St. Vincent De Paul. SVDP will be able to buy and distribute food for those in need. The last day of this fundraiser "exhibit" is today, April 24. The last day to contact us to arrange a purchase is Monday, April 27. Thank you, all, again for participating, looking, sharing, and being so generous. We have had donations to come in that are above the purchase price of some of the paintings. Thank you for your kindness. Stay well.
SOLD (1. "To the Sea")

SOLD (2. "Running Bunny")

SOLD (3. Garden Tapestry")

SOLD (4. "Pink Party Hat")

SOLD (5. "Polly")

1. Each business day from April 13-27, FIVE new paintings are posted.
2. 50 tiny paintings by Rose Bryant will be "exhibited". Each is an original (2.5 x 3.5 or 3x3 inches) on canvas.
3. Once you see a favorite, send a private message Art Up Front Street via facebook or an email to
4. Include: The numeral shown in the tiny painting photo and your name and address.

5. We mark "SOLD" on the online art photo(s).
6. Art Up Front Street mails your selection to you with a SASE enclosed.
7. You mail your check for $26 made out to Art Up Front Street, 120 Front St., Exeter, NH 03833.

8. If you purchase several paintings (as gifts), we can ship to different addresses.
9. The fundraiser will continue for 2 weeks or until all 50 paintings are sold... whichever comes first!
Thank you in advance.