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Friday, December 15, 2017

sometimes it's the small stuff...

Now in the front gallery at ART UP FRONT STREET.... art that fits in a stocking (or a small box :-). Sarah Koff wood cut prints, Gaby Grossman cards and prints, Dale Atkins pottery, Becky Barsi jewelry, cards and prints, Anne Kenny small paintings, Deb Wheeler-Bean assemblage and refound beauty, Rose Bryant tiny paintings, Ellie LaBranche paintings, Wo Schiffman encaustics.

It's almost too much to choose from for your art-lover's gift. Thank you for buying local and keep the creative wheels turning. We have wrapping for delicate purchases plus we can package up a large original so you can sneak it back to your house without a worry.

Most often larger art is a very personal purchase. If you need advice on a larger original, but unsure if the giftee will feel the same as you, we can help. Rose Bryant offers a trade out for new art gift purchases to make sure your choice is well received and loved. Call us for details.

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