Friday, December 22, 2017

Thank you ...

There is almost too much for us to put into words as we look back at this year. First we want to say thank you to our community, family and friends who in the early days came by to lend a hand by word and deed. Thank you to the makers and technicians that helped us get the building in (better) shape. Thank you to the first party throwers in February 2017 (Teresa and Lori). Thank you to the first artists that said "yes". To Bruce Jones... who always "drops in" at the right times. Thank you to those who have come for studio visits, TGIFS, back yard fires, and to our customers and clients... the art lovers who continue to buy and seek out our creations and energy. We are surely leaving someone out, because honestly, every time the door opened this year someone walked in that made us more solid ...more anchored. The picture we have chosen to share with this post is of Nicole. She persisted (just had to say that). She has moved everything in this studio no less than 2 times and some things maybe 5 times. Now we do a celebratory dance .... for more reasons than one... just this past November Nicole and her husband welcomed their first baby - and in December, Max (their son), became our youngest studio visitor. Life, community and art continue on. Thank you to all and best wishes for a healthy 2018.

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