Wednesday, March 29, 2017

art up front street .... work top by Bruce Jones

So this is how it goes.... Bruce Jones stops by the studios, knocks on the door and says that he is "checking in". Two minutes later, we have developed a plan.... a plan that was not on the agenda, but one that must have been in obvious need of development. (I think he's a very good salesman.) He shows up the following Tuesday with supplies and starts the project. Again... mostly with reclaimed materials. These massive shelf brackets are constructed by Bruce from pieces of pine found in the basement that had slots already cut out of them. We don't know what the original intent was... but we liked them. Bruce attached them to 2 hollow core (new) doors as a work top surface. Thanks Bruce. By the way, Bruce is a fan of the Stooges flick "A Plumbing We Will Go." You need to know stuff like that.

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