Thursday, October 19, 2017

Good morning front street

The neighborhood. We love it. The tracks, the mish mash of architecture, the bend in the road, the yellow crossing sign. Businesses that have been here for years, the dirt, the bins scattered on a Tuesday, the blips, people and people with dogs walking, the trees. We can walk to the feed store and get plants for the garden. We can go to Dot's for flowers (she has dots all over the front window and on the delivery van). Manny at Supreme knows us well. We see our neighbors. We can walk across the tracks... it is wild that you can casually walk over a path that has just had hundreds of tons of metal rolling down it. The red striped train safety arms... there is even one for pedestrians. The old school black and white "railroad crossing" sign. If you zoom in you can see the town of Exeter truck loaded with 3 guys in the front off to do something good for the town. Good morning front street.

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