Saturday, November 11, 2017

Art you probably missed at the show?

How could that be? Well maybe because of the swirling taking place last weekend. Now today, we walk around the gallery, having cleaned up from the fun. The setting sunlight changes the interior... and we SEE a few more things we really love... and didn't want you to miss them. Enjoy.
Deb Wheeler-Beans lines of poetry.... little wooden blocks with an endless abstract lure....we can't stop staring....
Scott Kuckler "Flesh and Bones"... we can't stop wondering...

Deb Wheeler-Bean's installation "Stoning  with Language".... we can't stop processing...

Anne Kenny "Industrial Quilts"... maybe you figured out what the elements are?... but we think you need a closer look

Jeff Whittum's metal... yes, the heron IS smelling these flowers.... we can't stop imagining this in our summer gardens

Gaby Grossman's brush.... so free... we want to touch these

Elly Labranche's insight.... what goes on beneath the soil?
All of these can be revisited with a cup of tea in your hands. Our holiday hours are listed to the left.... or you can call us. We welcome people seeking a calm moment.

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