Friday, June 15, 2018

Before and after: You may have noticed some changes...

We have been so excited about the exterior improvements this spring. We love this building and this spot in town... and are glad to be a part of lifting up a small portion of uptown Exeter. Over the last year and a half weedy vines were removed, flowers added to pots, glass and debris picked up along the foundation, fresh paint added to MANY many surfaces, power-washing done on overdue wood railings and tall steps.... all in all, it is feeling like fresh air has been infused. The exterior building makeover-shoutouts go to several people and businesses since September 2016: Thank you so very much Jeremy Townsend, Loren Hunt, Bruce Jones, Nicole Couillard, Peter Johnson, Kellie Johansen, Adrian Price, Val England, Yeti Land Care, and Jeff Whittum.

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