Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Art Up Front Street welcomes new artist Corrine Gilman!

More color and whimsy...abstract human forms, clouds, hearts. 
Hand-dyed, hand-stitched, hand-painted "stitched expressions" by Corrine Gilman make us smile. 
We are so happy she has joined us at the studio and look forward to being surrounded by her energy.

from Corrine:
My work revolves around the communication of abstract and offbeat impressions. Raw hand stitch on vintage and found textiles imparts a textural image of place.  Mixed media collage and painting maps out the landscape. By listening to the whispers in nature and the forces of the unseen and mystery, I try and translate these communications through my work.
I follow my intuitive sense as to where the work will go, letting it guide me rather than my guiding it. I follow my muse recognizing that there are no mistakes only happy accidents in the blossoming of the creative spirit and I want to share this enthusiastically with you."
Be sure and take a look at Corrine's website.... fun stuff! 
Welcome, Corrine....

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