Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Thank you for coming....

What a wonderful time we had at the open studios. 
Thank you to all for coming and for touring the rest of the eleven art, gallery, and maker locations on the Fine Art & Sugar Tour. So much good energy and great conversations. 
Thank you for spending time, purchasing our art, and enjoying this spot with us for a little while.

Thank you to our front gallery greeter this year, Abby, and to our wonderful duo in the kitchen, Celia and Louis. Thank you to Jayne Howard, the person who can do anything :-) for shopping and prepping bites.

Thank you to the musicians, Christine Fell, Nancy Fiske, Bob Moore, and Cynthia Chatis.... all so beautiful. It was lovely to hear the sounds floating through the studios.

Thank you to the other 11 participants on the Fine Art & Sugar Tour... 
Exeter Station Studios, TEAM Foundation, Seacoast Artist Association, Waterstone Art Studio, Roosting Place, Bruce Jones Studio, Pickpocket Arts, Willow Creek Sugarhouse, Willow Road Watercolors, Exeter Fine Crafts, and The Maker's Post. What a wonderful collaboration.

And thank you to all the artists here at the studio who make, and dream, and inspire.... Gaby Grossman Paintings, Anne Kenny Industrial Quilts, Artful Harper Studios, Deb Wheeler-Bean Assemblage, Dawn Amey Designs, Ree Hall Katrak Abstracts, Corrine Gilman Stitched Expressions, and Artist Travels the World. 

Hearts to all,
Fondly, Rose

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