Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Rose Bryant abstract exhibit, February 8, 9am-12, Exeter, NH

An exhibit filled with large paintings and large color is perfect for a winter morning in February... PLUS, you can get amped up on coffee and breakfast bites. Bring your bestie and enjoy the energy. 

What better way to start a Saturday?!
Rose Bryant has evolved over time into a more abstract style of mark-making.
She loves the movement of the brush taking her to places unplanned. 
Her work for this exhibit focuses on: heavy bold marks, large formats (ranging from 24x24 to 40x80). Her process involves: a quickly done suggestion of composition, random elements of color, and  "swimming" around with a brush fully saturated. Other techniques and decisions are involved, but her first mark-making typically takes this direction. Then... her painting might "rest" until the next thought forms. In this exhibit she explores the freedom of organic thoughts... one beautiful brush at a time.
Join us at Art Up Front Street for our first ever breakfast exhibit Saturday, Feb 8, from 9 to noon. We can't wait!
Exhibit runs through February. Hours Tuesday & Wednesday 10-7. Thursday through Saturday 10-4.

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