Saturday, September 5, 2020

Things to do in uptown Exeter, NH

Uptown Exeter is changing - new businesses are opening! We love our spot here on Front Street and we are excited to see businesses moving in. Of, course, we were always "walkable" and bike-able" here, but lately it seems we have a little more kick to the community. 

All within a 1/3 mile area. 

I know I will risk leaving someone out, but I wanted to do a little shout out to some of the previous and some of the new businesses that bring our uptown neighborhood an arts and culture flavor. 

Exeter Bowling Lanes is an icon of mid-century here in town. A haven for candlepin bowling plus a hub for music, fun and an outdoor beer garden. 

Cam's Antiques is huge and sells used furniture, oddities, and vintage treasures. Cam's Bought & Sold Used Furniture & Vintage Lighting - Exeter, NH

Architectural Salvage. If you are renovating, this is THE place for those stunning old house needs. 

Enna Chocolate is well, pure heaven for the dark chocolate lover. Image may contain: drink and food

Exeter Pilates  is the only Pilates studio in uptown and so easy to find right on Front Street. 

And us!

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