Friday, October 2, 2020

October Art Exhibit at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH

 We are so excited! Our next art exhibit will offer private tours for one week after the opening event. We are doing this so you can count on covid safety procedures being in place when you come. 

There are so many ways to stay connected "in person" and still be safe. To arrange your tour dates, give us a call or send us an email. We can accomodate up to 4 adults as one group .... or 1 adult plus up to 3 children as one group. A great way to stay in touch and keep art experiences in your life during these times. 

~~ Ree Katrak's newest body of work, "Painting Thru Uncertainty" is a
collection of emotional processings during a time of unresolve. Her
mixed media works on raised wood panels consist of strong bold marks
and large movements of color and texture.
"As an abstract artist, my work is an expression of
thoughts and feelings. Since March of 2020 I have developed this body
of work which reflects my personal journey during the height of
Covid-19 — a time in world history that has been fraught with
suffering and confusion. But also with the possibility of seeing
beyond the despair into moments of connection and joy."

~~ In contrast, Anne Marie Kenny's newest work "Industrial Quilts: Whisks & Microchips" is an organized assemblage of "hard" materials such as metal, wire, and recycled computer chips. Her bronze, steel, and copper patina elements become "quilts" which reflect her passion for textiles and fiber arts.
"My Industrial Quilts have been influenced by industry
and technology both aesthetically and conceptually. The methods and
materials I use in my quilts are nontraditional. The repetitive format
and industrial materials are used for their standardized, manufactured
appearance. The Amoskeag Textile Mill history in New Hampshire and
the "mill girls" continue to inspire my work."

These artists, in their first-ever two-person exhibition, together bring balance in a time of chaos...perhaps a "stitching-together" of disconnects as they explore "New Work 2020".
Katrak can be found at
Kenny can be found at,

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