Monday, November 2, 2020

Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery in Exeter welcomes the work of two guests this weekend for OPEN STUDIOS!

 We are so excited. The weather looks great for this weekend (even though we had SNOW this morning!). In the 60's .... which is perfect. 

The artists at Art Up Front Street have worked through this year's uncertainty with passion. Each kept art-making in front of them. This weekend, we want to share it with you (masked, of course).

And we are super excited to have the work of two returning guest artists with us.... Dale Atkins vessels and Jeff Whittum Metal.

If there is one thing we each know to our core, it is that art and creativity provide a "place" for us to settle, to solve, to breathe and to mend. 

Has it been easy? No! Sometimes, we all have to be reminded to do things like take a walk, watch a funny movie, help someone, support a cause, and drink lots of water. 

But we are here, now. And we know winter is in front of us. 

We hope you can join us for a little lightness and festivity in our art community this November 7+8.

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