Monday, July 5, 2021

Open Mic: What a fun event in Exeter.

We know there are open mics around at a few places. We don't do them often here at the studio, but when we do it brings us closer to our art friends for a different reason. It is not just "visual" art that tugs at our creativite hearts, but the sharing of other passions and talents. 

Thank you to Creative Guts Podcast for organizing and hosting this event! We love what you bring to our space and our collective hearts. 

And thank you to the guests who came to share and soak it all in. Beautiful day.

Becky Barsi (art educator, vocalist, artist) and Laura Harper Lake (artist, composer, electric ukulele)

John Skewes poetry and readings

Chris Voss Music

Chris Voss and Andrea of Atlantic Canyons

Sarah (Creative Guts) and Patricia

Debbie Kane (writer) and Anne Kenny (artist)

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