Saturday, April 8, 2017

art up front street.... Dawn Amey's design

This is going to sound very obscure.... mainly because the technology Dawn combines with her design work is something new to us here at art up front street. First, we should say, thank goodness again for differences.... because we can learn from each other. Dawn's work combines laser cutting technology with her original designs. Her past has been in design, lighting, furniture building, home decor, retail.... basically Dawn can build, make, sew, wire, create almost anything.... so to put a clear label on her art process possibilities is a challenge. Imagine being able to: ....cut designs in wood (ok, easy enough to understand), etch designs in metal or glass (ok, another concept we can grasp), etch designs in fabric? (ok... much more interesting. What DO you do with that?), etch phone cases? (yep), etch a laptop cover? (yep). Ok, imagine flat pieces of very thin wood laser cut with organic design shapes that are then assembled and wired to become wall sconces?.... (yes. calling all interior designers :-) !). The pic above is of one small project Dawn has done here. She created our studio numbers out of glass tiles. Beautiful.

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