Saturday, April 8, 2017

4 guest artists will be at the Spring Show this May.... Scott Kuckler, Sarah Koff, Dale Atkins, & Deb McLarnon

Scott Kuckler - Photography.
Sarah Koff Studios - Printmaking.

Dale Atkins - Pottery.

Deb McLarnon -Photography.
The party starts, Friday, May 12 from 1 to 7. We have a solid group of Art Up Front Street resident artists... but having our special guest artists make things even lovelier. Deb McLarnon has been showing her photography with Art on Union Street, Seacoast Photographers, and outdoor festivals for more than six years. She regularly teams up with her seacoast photography friends to do on location shoots with the group. Sarah Koff Studios has her wonderful hand-made prints at the Portsmouth farmers market, has done custom print work for clients, created logos and created signage. She is one of the artists at an upcoming print show at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth.... yay for Sarah! Scott Kuckler is the edgy, sometimes serious photographer whose images can occasionally be haunting.... yet always beautiful and provocative. He has shown at several galleries, travelled widely for stunning imagery, and has presented at Pecha Kucha, Portsmouth at 3S Artspace. Dale Atkins, pottery, loves the process of creating forms and hand building. Her vessels reflect her love of shape and efficient design. She'a a maker, gallery hanger, art restorer, puppet maker, gardener. Each one of this year's guest artists have volumes of creative energy and unique art processes. Bring your questions and be happily enlightened.....

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