Thursday, May 11, 2017

art up front street..... THE decorating committee - Nicole Couillard

Every little step forward is monumental when organizing something "new". When you can finally get to the finishing touches, the feelings of accomplishment are wonderful. Dawn Amey figured a glitch with technology... and now she is on the home stretch with her designs for this weekend. Wo Schiffman has culled and handpicked her favorite pieces to show. Gaby Grossman has the "home team" in good hands.... so she is in the studio with her "heart" and her "smile" doing last set-up details. Of course, there's more. And .... then when you see the outside ... street side ... flowing with flowers and ribbons, it feels like the dreams are near. Thank you, Nicole... THE decorating committee. :-)
See you all soon. Friday 1-7. Saturday 10-4. Happy Mother's Day....

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