Tuesday, May 16, 2017

art up front street.... what a party

Thank you for coming to our first open studios EVER at Art Up Front Street. It was our trial run and it can only get better. We had so many well wishes and great conversations... AND art was sold.... which keeps the wheels turning here. If you missed the show, there is a little time left to visit all the art (including the guest artists work). This Friday pm, the guest artists will be recovering their work... so if you had your eye on a piece at the show, come back this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday 10-4. A studio attendant will be here... and we have wrapping for safe carrying. Thank you again! See you soon.
Dawn Amey Design, jewelry and adornments (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)
Susan Drinker (L) and Kim Hankin (R) with Deb McLarnon Photographer (center, guest artist)

Sarah Koff Printmaker (guest artist) filmed by Miles of EXTV

Gaby Grossman Paintings (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)

Dawn Amey Design

Laura Maccarone, Gaby Grossman (resident artist), Scott Kuckler Photographer (guest artist), Holly Stavrou, Rose Bryant (resident artist)

Nicole Couillard.... greeter and great human of Art Up Front Street

Stopping in for a visit... Ellin and Alistair McHarg

Back gallery at Art Up Front Street

Front Gallery at Art Up Front Street

Maizie Argondizza, Mary Conlan, Laurie Drogue with guest photographer Deb McLarnon

Caroline Piper, Heather Warr, Lisa Burke McCoy with Wo Schiffman (resident artist at Art Up Front Street)

Oliver and Gaby Grossman in her studio with visiting Chris Donovan

Darienne and Anna McGuiness

Rose Bryant, Gabu Grossman, Scott Kuckler

Thank you to Val England for filling our pots with beautiful flowers for the event!

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