Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Art collective experience in Exeter, New Hampshire

There are so many things on which to reflect as we look back at the three years since opening in January 2017. Like everyone else in an organization, it is easy to look at the things you can measure.... or the things you imagined that did or did not happen.

One of the "things" we didn't expect and never planned for was the sense of friendship and family we have at the studio. Sure... we thought about space, lights, types of art, classes and events that would engage the public.... operational stuff. But.... we did not plan for the relationships and (at the risk of sounding mushy) we did not plan for the love. 

We have seen artists (strangers) meet other other artists and become fast friends. We have seen tears of happiness and tears of sadness. We have held confidences. We have partnered with others. We have shared family and friends and broadened our "knowns". And, we have helped each other make better art by talking about the process and the love of the process. 

Relationships here in the collective have made us all better artists. The relationships have given some of us the ability to fly: to change subject matter, to try a new process, to engage another community connection. This collective experience of growth and change shows in the art we produce and what we aspire to do. These relationships and experiences inside our walls make the experience for a visitor or an art seeker even better. 

Because of the support of the artists for other artists within our collective, the visitor has the unique opportunity to experience that energy. It is kind of a funny thing.... Is it "what goes around comes around" but in a very positive way? ...Do we do make that energy intentionally? Yes. We intentionally make stuff and make friendships.... and that turns into energy. 

Then, one day .... the front door opens. 
We see you, the guest, walk in, look around and say ...
..."what good energy" 
...."such a nice experience".

And we say... that's what we have learned. 


Thanks for writing! I will get back to you shortly. Happy Arting!