Thursday, January 23, 2020

Art Up Front, sneak peek, "The Art Guide to South Coast Maine and Seacoast NH"

ok... we LOVE this publication by Phineas Graphics. You may have seen it. It is available at most local art associations and galleries. 
We are thrilled to be a part of the 2020 publication. We know that all things have gone digital.... BUT paper is not dead.

Friends and local bookstores continue to keep the flames of paper-in-hand burning. (no puns intended).
Phineas Graphics is one of those businesses in Portsmouth.

Yes, digital is awesome, but really..... the texture of a paper page?..... a cozy corner with a favorite read?.... a collection of images and enlightenment with pages that can be turned back and forth?

Phineas has been dedicated, for years, to that process of the hands-on, the eye-to-design, AND the local representation of what we all seek... inspiration, acknowledgement, and the stuff that makes our senses sing.

The cool thing is they put . this . tiny . little . publication . together. for . artists. Drink it in!

If you are an artist, stop asking yourself if paper is passe.
Art Up Front Street page from 2019
You know ...... you paint on paper, you paint on canvas, you make pottery, you sculpt, you carve, you burn, you touch.... all because you are an artist. Why shouldn't you have a love affair with a textural "thing" that shows your textural work?

Imagine this conversation starter.... "I am an artist. Here is a sample of what I do and the community I am surrounded by".

Below is the sneak peek of our page in the next "The Art Guide 2020, to South Coast Maine and Seacoast NH." Look for it around the beginning of May. Thank you Phineas Graphics for keeping us beautifully connected.
Art Up Front Street page for 2020. Sneak peek. Out in May.

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