Thursday, August 29, 2019

Natasha Stoppel "Other Worlds" Exhibit Through September 27

"Other Worlds of Now & Then"
Opening reception September 6, 5-8
Exhibit through September 27

Natasha is a traveling artist exploring the world one creation at a time. After leaving her corporate job in 2014 she launched Artist Explores the World, a blog and Youtube channel designed to feature art and travel. Since then she has trailblazed a creative path into bullet journaling, videography, jewelry making and pyrography. When not solo backpacking she’s focused on turning her experiences into creative works. She seeks to inspire others to explore their artistic soul and pursue creative journeys. 
Natasha’s artwork has been exhibited across the country and in Lacoste, France. She currently works for Exeter TV filming local artists and their personal art stories. She is also a freelance videographer and social media specialist. Education BFA in Animation, double minor in Illustration and Sequential Art. Natasha is a permanent artist at Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery in Exeter, NH.

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