Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Save the date: OPEN STUDIOS November 2+3

This is one of our favorite events... why? Because we (the artists) get to really plan our individual messages we want to share with the world. Should we be making art that resonates with the "cultured eye"? Art that might appeal to someone's expectations?
Well, maybe, (or M-A-Y-be, as my daughter would say, creating skepticism) but we artists also have this thing we need to express.... a "thing" we need to work out or explore. Half the fun, if not all, is pushing up our next idea... or exploring a really cool process with which we have fallen in love. Maybe it is a technique... maybe it is a certain size or scale of art... maybe it is a color. Maybe we just want to see what sticks. ....Maybe we have a place in our hearts that needs to be opened up ...so others can be in "it" for just a moment.
We can't tell you how many times, when we discuss among ourselves an art process .... eventually the conversation comes down to one. tiny. detail. that no one will ever notice or care about, but.... it is still very much a part of the process for the artist.... and ....it is still valid in that artist's energy given to a piece.
Have you read this far? Really? Ummm, oh, we mean, great! Because the other reason OPEN STUDIOS is one of our favorite events is because you humor us and honor us just by walking through the door to stop to take a look at what we have been obsessing about.
Looking forward to seeing you November 2 and 3! Share with a friend.

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