Thursday, August 8, 2019

Would you give us a review?

Hello art friends, we are on TripAdvisor. Have you visited our studios? Would you give us a review? 
It can be short and sweet or long and detailed. Thank you in advance. 
We love knowing that you are thinking of us and we love it when you visit. 

Just today a high school student came in with her aunt. The student loves her art classes at Exeter High School. She had a few samples of her work... and we had a lovely conversation of possible aspirations. She inspired us and we hope we inspired her. 

These simple interactions are just some of the things we love about doing what we do. Yes, we love art. Yes, we love an environment where we can make stuff. But the adventures and conversations that come through our doors keep our hearts warm. 

If you have a moment, click the link to go to TripAdvisor. 
We would LOVE to hear from you.
Thank you!
From all of us at Art Up Front Street

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