Monday, April 12, 2021

Finding treasure while looking "into" the process of creatives.

 We all learn from each other. We explore, we think, we develop ideas, we make things. 

Sometimes during those experiences, part of the joy is seeing the process in it's original environment. Yes, very definitely, one can "see" the art and then experience joy (or sadness, or confusion, or shock). But, if one has the chance to see "process" one can experience other "treasure".

First, the art moves you.... and then, when you look further to see or understand the hands that worked on the art, you gain knowledge. That knowledge is intimate. It is something that you have obtained by observing... and it, then, becomes a part of your energy everytime you view that art. 

Artists make art for all kinds of reasons, some reasons are very concrete ("I had the materials" "I was commissioned by a client") and some reasons are very abstract ("I needed to express a thought" "what do I see when the birds sing?"). Getting a glimpse into the working space of an artist tells you more... It helps you find the extra treasure.

Below are a few artists at work. Save the date, May 1+2, and explore treasure with us. 

Deb Wheeler-Bean putting words with art...process.
Escape 2020 #2 mixed media assemblage

Laura Harper Lake of Artful Harper Studios and Creative Guts Podcast

Carry on Baggage, digital art, by Laura Harper Lake

Ree Katrak printing on papers for texture and color in her mixed media pieces.

Mixed media abstract painting by Ree Katrak

Rose Bryant hanging art in studio

Red Winged Blackbirds, painting by Rose Bryant

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