Monday, April 26, 2021

Gift Certificates for Mothers Day, Graduation, or a Teacher Thank You

Show your love for your favorite mom, teacher or graduate with a gift certificate from 
Art Up Front Street!

We have tons of art in all sizes, shapes, and colors (kind of cliche, but we really do 😊). 
It can make things a lot easier for you ...someone is always here at the studios and gallery Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 to help the giftee with the purchase. 

Not only will they love the gift they pick, but the process of soaking up the visual energy of the creatives here in our 2500 square feet of art space is a cool experience. We could also make a lovely cup of tea for them to enjoy on the front deck or the back "patio".

We have wrapping and ribbon, cards for purchase, and prints and cool artsy fartsy stuff.  

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