Monday, April 12, 2021

The quiet before the art exhibit... Open Studio in Seacoast New Hampshire May 1+2

 There is always the last detail, the last "push", the last scramble before an artist presents work. As artists, we know this process all too well.

Feelings of creativity, turn to feelings of "I've GOT to get this finished!", to feelings of completion, to feelings of celebration when we can talk about the process with you.

One of the best things about hosting an Open Studio is that the public can tour our spaces and talk about the process with us. Sometimes, it might not even be a conversation, but rather an absorbing the energy of what another human has made or dreamt. 

We love it when we can share those moments with you and we thank you for your support over these past very few years!

Here are a few shots from the studio as we round the corner to the home stretch. Enjoy. And mark your calendar for our very special event.

Exeter, NH Open Studios prep for May 1 and May 2
Natasha Stoppel preps wall space for art.

Creativity Mandala by Natasha Stoppel
Creativity Mandala by Natasha Stoppel. Laser cut, birch, with watercolor.

Studio art making process for event
Anne Kenny of Industrial Quilts assembling hand-cut patina elements.

Integrated Circuit Industrial Quilt
Integrated Circuits Industrial Quilt by Anne Marie Kenny

tour through artist studio to see process
Becky Barsi marking next cuts for completed watercolor

watercolor paintings of metal toy cars
Midge Toy Car and Le Mans Racer framed watercolors by Becky Barsi

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