Monday, April 12, 2021

The quiet before the art exhibit... Open Studio in Seacoast New Hampshire May 1+2

 There is always the last detail, the last "push", the last scramble before an artist presents work. As artists, we know this process all too well.

Feelings of creativity, turn to feelings of "I've GOT to get this finished!", to feelings of completion, to feelings of celebration when we can talk about the process with you.

One of the best things about hosting an Open Studio is that the public can tour our spaces and talk about the process with us. Sometimes, it might not even be a conversation, but rather an absorbing the energy of what another human has made or dreamt. 

We love it when we can share those moments with you and we thank you for your support over these past very few years!

Here are a few shots from the studio as we round the corner to the home stretch. Enjoy. And mark your calendar for our very special event.

Exeter, NH Open Studios prep for May 1 and May 2
Natasha Stoppel preps wall space for art.

Creativity Mandala by Natasha Stoppel
Creativity Mandala by Natasha Stoppel. Laser cut, birch, with watercolor.

Studio art making process for event
Anne Kenny of Industrial Quilts assembling hand-cut patina elements.

Integrated Circuit Industrial Quilt
Integrated Circuits Industrial Quilt by Anne Marie Kenny

tour through artist studio to see process
Becky Barsi marking next cuts for completed watercolor

watercolor paintings of metal toy cars
Midge Toy Car and Le Mans Racer framed watercolors by Becky Barsi

Monday, March 8, 2021

it's almost spring and guess what.... we are planning our Open Studios for May first and second! We are sooo ready for an art party. (safely distanced, masked, etc. you get the vibe)

Fingers crossed for sunshine, healthy days, and good energy ahead. We love having this event and we love seeing you. 

When you come, you will find tons of new art we have been working on during the year, a few give-aways, newsy news, maybe some pre-packaged treats. 

Thank you for being in our circle. Our hearts are exploding with excitement that we get to see you (safely, masked, distanced, etc.)!

More details to come in the coming weeks. Stay safe, tell a friend. 

Happy almost spring.

From all of us at Art Up Front Street.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Art studio available at Art Up Front Street studios and gallery in Exeter, NH

We have an opportunity for an artist who functions well in a group (independently, but as part of a larger mission that functions for the success of all.)

Art Up Front Street is an artist collective in Exeter, NH. We have 8 studios, a small front gallery, plenty of space for indoor and outdoor events. We do not have a facility for ceramics, metal work or high heat processes. (We wish we did!) 

Take a look at what we do on our blog. 

Send Rose Bryant your name, address, and a small bio (10-15 sentences). Include your website, instagram, facebook and a short statement about why you are seeking a studio. To: 

~ We are a collective of art peers as well as an art business that operates best when all are involved.
~ We all participate in 2 Open Studios each year.
~ We require 6 hours of gallery tending time each month.
~ We are looking for experienced artists who will be a good fit for our contemporary gallery, our abstract thought, and our collective working energy.
~ A year's lease is required.
~ If you would like to take a tour, let us know.

The studio available is 10x10 and the rent is $280 a month.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Art Up Front Street, last days of specials. Happy Holidays to you...

There is still time to roam the studio for those on your gift list...or 
to simply come by and soak up the color and creative energy. 
We are open each week Tuesday thru Saturday right thru December 23.

If you are limiting your adventures out, you can click on any of the artists' links to the left to go directly to their websites. Some of the artists have online shops.

If you have a question about a particular piece of art that you have seen at Art Up Front Street, give us a call and we will help!

If you want to see a quick video tour of the gallery space or a particular artist's studio, call us at the studio #. (A video could be an amusing diversion.)

We can make any item that is at the studio available for safe pick-up. 
Below is only a sample of the hundreds of pieces of art at the studio.

What's this you ask?.....  

Check out the demo this Tuesday in the front gallery "fishbowl" under the lights. (Click the video for a short clip).
Deb Wheeler-Bean creates journal covers, this Tuesday 4-7. 
She will be demo-ing her process using hornets' nests.

Also, Natasha Stoppel will return this Tuesday, December 15, 
with her lovely wooden rounds ornament making.

Wednesday, December 16, Rose Bryant returns with a painting demo in the front gallery "fishbowl".
It's a fun place.... because you can see in from the outside while we work.
.... benches and chairs outside, but you can still come in. We follow safe protocols.

Our doors, here at the studio, are open Tuesday - Saturday through December 23. 

After that we take a little break to recharge until we open the studios again January 12, 2021. 

We will continue to follow regular safe protocols so we can see you in person. Some of our BEST art is made in the winter so put us on your agenda for a break on your cold days. Our space is 2500 square feet - we have plenty of room to distance.

Thank you for being in our circle, for buying from us, and for participating in our events this past year. We will most definitely see you in the NEXT crazy year. 

Stay safe, Happy Holidays, and good health to you all.

From all the artists at Art Up Front Street.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Winter Twinkle at Art Up Front Street. Demos and 10% on selected items.

Art Demos and specialsTuesdays and Wednesdays
December 1+2, 8+9, 15+16
Extended Hours on those days are 11-7
Demos on those days are from 4-7.

Celebrating the season with extended hours, demos, and specials. Demos each day of Winter Twinkle take place between 4 and 7pm under the bright lights in the front gallery... so you can pull up a chair outside and watch from the street or you can pop in for some warmth (masked) and take a socially distanced seat to enjoy the process.

Talk with the artist doing the demo that day, find out about their process, or roam the studios looking for the 10% off tags on selected pieces of art. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Art Up Front Street Studios and Gallery in Exeter welcomes the work of two guests this weekend for OPEN STUDIOS!

 We are so excited. The weather looks great for this weekend (even though we had SNOW this morning!). In the 60's .... which is perfect. 

The artists at Art Up Front Street have worked through this year's uncertainty with passion. Each kept art-making in front of them. This weekend, we want to share it with you (masked, of course).

And we are super excited to have the work of two returning guest artists with us.... Dale Atkins vessels and Jeff Whittum Metal.

If there is one thing we each know to our core, it is that art and creativity provide a "place" for us to settle, to solve, to breathe and to mend. 

Has it been easy? No! Sometimes, we all have to be reminded to do things like take a walk, watch a funny movie, help someone, support a cause, and drink lots of water. 

But we are here, now. And we know winter is in front of us. 

We hope you can join us for a little lightness and festivity in our art community this November 7+8.

Monday, October 19, 2020

OPEN STUDIOS at Art Up Front Street in uptown Exeter, NH November 7+8

Rain or shine or snow! 10 -4 each beautiful day!

What a year it has been. We hope this invitation finds you and yours well and looking forward to bright days ahead.
It is with extreme gratitude that we would like to thank you all ... for attending our events, making art with us, thinking of us for gift purchasing, buying art for your home, and sharing our emails and posts. 
We are grateful for each and every bit of energy you send our way!
We have been in-operation with artists in-studio for just over 3 1/2 years... exhibiting, figure drawing, youth art shows, with painting demos, and making & selling art. 
YOU & your support keep the wheels turning here.

We missed our Spring OPEN STUDIOS and now we are SUPER READY for Nov 7+8 with a ton of NEW WORK 
and a new layout for this year's ONLY OPEN STUDIOS event. Original art, prints, wearable fiber art, pyrography, jewelry, journals, watercolor, "industrial quilts", abstract and representational. Framed and not framed. Large and small. Even cute little things like cards and cool stickers.
Something for everyone. 

~ Hand sanitizer in every studio

~ Masks required for all visitors & artists
~ Open windows (button up!)
~ Outside exhibit tents in the back lot. (we are S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G out this year to make more "people" space). Wear your long johns! 
~ Limit of 12 inside guests at a time inside our huge 2500 sq. ft. space.
~ Front-porch covered entry + outside reception area. 

Oh, and there could be a few gifts or little thank yous to take home.

STUDIOS: Becky Barsi Art, Industrial Quilts, Artful Harper Studios, Anahata Studios, Dawn Amey Designs, Ree Hall Katrak, Needle Little Studio, Artist Explores the World, Rose Bryant Original Paintings

SOLD: at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH

 It has been an interesting few months to say the least, but we are so grateful for the support we have received from community friends AND from new acquaintances who are just finding us for the first time.

We have had a recent surge in art being appreciated and sold. Some are buying as a gift, some are buying for their homes. No doubt there is a little nesting going! 

These wonderful pieces are by Ree Katrak and were sold at her recent opening with Anne Marie Kenny this past Saturday. Enjoy!

Holidays are just around the corner.

Friday, October 2, 2020

October Art Exhibit at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH

 We are so excited! Our next art exhibit will offer private tours for one week after the opening event. We are doing this so you can count on covid safety procedures being in place when you come. 

There are so many ways to stay connected "in person" and still be safe. To arrange your tour dates, give us a call or send us an email. We can accomodate up to 4 adults as one group .... or 1 adult plus up to 3 children as one group. A great way to stay in touch and keep art experiences in your life during these times. 

~~ Ree Katrak's newest body of work, "Painting Thru Uncertainty" is a
collection of emotional processings during a time of unresolve. Her
mixed media works on raised wood panels consist of strong bold marks
and large movements of color and texture.
"As an abstract artist, my work is an expression of
thoughts and feelings. Since March of 2020 I have developed this body
of work which reflects my personal journey during the height of
Covid-19 — a time in world history that has been fraught with
suffering and confusion. But also with the possibility of seeing
beyond the despair into moments of connection and joy."

~~ In contrast, Anne Marie Kenny's newest work "Industrial Quilts: Whisks & Microchips" is an organized assemblage of "hard" materials such as metal, wire, and recycled computer chips. Her bronze, steel, and copper patina elements become "quilts" which reflect her passion for textiles and fiber arts.
"My Industrial Quilts have been influenced by industry
and technology both aesthetically and conceptually. The methods and
materials I use in my quilts are nontraditional. The repetitive format
and industrial materials are used for their standardized, manufactured
appearance. The Amoskeag Textile Mill history in New Hampshire and
the "mill girls" continue to inspire my work."

These artists, in their first-ever two-person exhibition, together bring balance in a time of chaos...perhaps a "stitching-together" of disconnects as they explore "New Work 2020".
Katrak can be found at
Kenny can be found at,

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Thank you for coming to "Of the Wood" art exhibit by Deb Wheeler-Bean & Natasha Stoppel in Exeter, NH

A beautiful weekend... celebrating artists' creativity in a collaborative outdoor exhibit held in the large open space of Deb Wheeler-Bean's backyard.
Such a success all the way around. Several pieces of art were sold - something we feel we need to mention just so everyone is reminded of how the community comes together to honor the creative process... which we all need in these uncertain times.

As we move through the seasons, we, at Art Up Front Street take special care to create exhibit opportunities in safe environments. 

Keep an eye out for more fresh air events.
Nature is out there. We just need to bundle up and mask up to have fun with other people.

Thank you for coming and supporting our events. Even through the pandemic we have sold art. It would not be possible without you... our dear patrons... who make it possible for us to keep creating.

Skate Party, Sunday, October 4, Art Up Front Street, in uptown Exeter, NH

 woo hoo... look out... fun ahead.

We're hosting a skate party in the back parking lot at Art Up Front Street and you're invited! 
This is a free, outdoor event and all ages welcome (please see rules below for the kiddos!)

DJ BUG will be spinning some upbeat retro tunes as we have fun on our skates and enjoy the fall air!
If you don't have skates but want to stop in to enjoy some tunes and say hi, feel free to do so on the sidelines!

+ Masks Required
+ Roller Skates or Roller Blades - Please No Skateboards
+ No unaccompanied minors
+ Helmets, pads, etc. are required for minors
+ Signed waiver by legal guardian is required at event

Please email with any questions!
We can't wait to skate with you!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Things to do in uptown Exeter, NH

Uptown Exeter is changing - new businesses are opening! We love our spot here on Front Street and we are excited to see businesses moving in. Of, course, we were always "walkable" and bike-able" here, but lately it seems we have a little more kick to the community. 

All within a 1/3 mile area. 

I know I will risk leaving someone out, but I wanted to do a little shout out to some of the previous and some of the new businesses that bring our uptown neighborhood an arts and culture flavor. 

Exeter Bowling Lanes is an icon of mid-century here in town. A haven for candlepin bowling plus a hub for music, fun and an outdoor beer garden. 

Cam's Antiques is huge and sells used furniture, oddities, and vintage treasures. Cam's Bought & Sold Used Furniture & Vintage Lighting - Exeter, NH

Architectural Salvage. If you are renovating, this is THE place for those stunning old house needs. 

Enna Chocolate is well, pure heaven for the dark chocolate lover. Image may contain: drink and food

Exeter Pilates  is the only Pilates studio in uptown and so easy to find right on Front Street. 

And us!